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CPM Technologies has developed a versatile product line that allows companies to keep up with the rapid demographic shifts taking place in the US and among their customers. A leader in the areas of targeting, data mining, and modeling, CPM provides customers with the data and tools necessary to maximize your profits by spending your resources more efficiently. Leveraging the latest technologies in databases, machine learning, and data mining CPM can help you to clean and enhance your company data and lists, mine them for useful information, target the right customers, and develop cost saving strategies. Using tools like the industry leading CPM Ethnics ethnicity prediction software to identify the race and ethnicity of individuals in a database ot list CPM can ensure that you are transforming your business data or list purchases into reliable and actionable intelligence. Let CPM guide you toward a more profitable strategy.

Products and Services

CPM Technologies products and services to aid in your data and modeling needs include:

  • Ethnicity prediction software and services: CPM Ethnics, our industry leading software and apend service allows customers to append information on race, ethnicity, and religion to lists or purchase custom lists based on these attributes.
  • Analytics and Targeting: CPM analytics and targeting services can help in mining your data, creating predictive models, and developing profitable strategies based upon your data.
  • Data Appends and Enhancements: CPM data services can help you enhance your data by appending valuable new information including phones, ethnicity, and demographic information. With hundreds of fields available for append we can provide a full suite of data to fit your needs.
  • List Sales and Rentals: CPM consumer lists can be created using any of our numerous ethnic census or demographic fields to create exactly the list you need, at the lowest prices possible.

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