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The United States is more ethnically diverse than at any time in our history. One in every three US residents is non-white. Tapping these emerging ethnically diverse markets requires accurately identifying them. CPM Technologies ethnicity prediction software, CPM Ethnics, provides the most advanced and accurate method for predicting race and ethnicity. Let CPM Technologies help you to accurately find and communicate with the most profitable targets you can. Whether for list enhancement, list brokering, or list purchase, CPM has the ethnicity solution that is right for you.

CPM Ethnics is the most accurate ethnic enhancement technology available. In external blind testing against self-reported ethnicity identification, CPM Technologies solutions have shown over 20% more coverage than other established ethnicity appending services. While other providers have software that is identifying 48% of the African Americans in lists, CPM Ethnics software can find over 75% of the African Americans in lists and still maintains an accuracy of over 80%. CPM's algorithms are based upon modern machine learning techniques and are built using tens of millions of samples with known race. No other vendor can provide the coverage and accuracy of CPM.

In addition to providing the basic race forecasts for African American, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Jewish and Middle-Eastern/Muslim, CPM Ethnics provides predictions for over 60 individual ethnic groups. This means that every ethnic group with a significant population in the U.S. is covered. While our competitors may claim to be able to locate people from Burkina Faso, CPM concentrates on providing the best accuracy available for all the ethnic groups you care about reaching.

The CPM Methodology

Unlike competitors, CPM Technologies does not just rely on a simple dictionary of ethnic names but leverages actual numeric probabilities derived from real self-reported ethnicity. The base ethnic probability models have been created from a database of over 10 million consumers with self-reported ethnicity. Using the known probabilities for all the parts of a name, CPM combines these with the geographic census probabilities and other factors to arrive at a final probability for inclusion in an ethnic category. The algorithms used by CPM Ethnics borrow from the fields of probabilistic linkage theory and machine learning to produce the most accurate ethnicity model available today.

To understand how the method works, someone named Greg Jones is more than 60% likely to be white based on the standard name dictionary approach. However, by looking at his middle name and where he lives, Gregory Bernard Jones is actually 80% likely to be African American if he lives in a census area comprised of 31% African American population.

Using this stringent method, CPM is now an industry leader when it comes to accuracy and ability to deliver increased value for clients. The system provides confidence levels for most of the top level ethnicity forecasts. Every individual coded as African American, Hispanic, Asian, or Caucasian, receives a confidence score from 1-3 indicating if it is an extremely confident, very confident, or somewhat confident forecast. At the highest levels of confidence, the system has proved well over 90% accurate in assigning ethnicity to African Americans with over 55% coverage, a dramatic improvement over competing commercial solutions. A typical CPM Ethnics append will provide coverage of over 75% of the African Americans on a list with an accuracy of over 80%.

The CPM Advantage

The advantages to choosing CPM for you ethnicity assignment are numerous. Some of the highlights include:

  • Coverage and Accuracy: CPM Ethnics provides the most accurate and highest coverage ethnicity predictions available. Period.
  • Confidence Levels: Unlike competing products CPM Ethnics provides confidence levels with all forecasts. This means you can chose how you want to trade off accuracy for coverage.
  • Diversity: With coverage of over 60 ethnicities and races CPM Ethnics provides predictions for every ethnic group in the US that constitutes over 0.05% of the population.
  • Field Tested: CPM Ethnics has been in use by customers since 2006 and was used extensively by the Obama campaign in the 2008 election. Over 90 customers currently rely on CPM ethnics for their ethnicity assignments.

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